What I can do for you:

  • HTML coding
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Editing
  • User Interface Layout
  • Web Forms
  • Javascript
  • CSS

How Do We Start?

Be prepared to tell me everything what you want.

If you can provide me a Word document or text file of the content you want on your web site for each page that is preferred.

Come with ideas of how you want things to look, examples of other sites that you like, photos, logos and anything else you want displayed. The more you can provide, the better!

How much?

Once we discuss your web site needs I'll be able to give you a price for my services.

.. Basic Web Site (1-3 pages) ... $250+

.. Regular Web Site (4+ pages) ... $350+

.. Major changes or redesign after initial design ... $150+

.. Minor changes ... $50/month (unlimited changes within a month's span, charged when needed)

What Else?

You will also need to find a web host and provide your own URL.

Be sure to check around for good prices and make sure the URL that you want is available and purchased.